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We're all concerned about this from various perspectives. Let's make a point 
to sit down in Toronto and discuss...

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>> * How many NARALO members are there?
>> * How many ALSes in North America are there?
>> * How many individuals are subscribed to this mailing list?
>> * What is the subscribe/unsubscribe rate of the list each month for the
>> past six months?
>> * How many individuals engage on this mailing list?
>> * Is there an NARALO Facebook page?
>> * Is there an NARALO Twitter presence?
>> * Is there a NARALO newsletter? How many are subscribed to it?
>> * Is there a NARALO summary of events for members for ICANN Prague?
> The pattern here appears to be that NARALO members aren't willing to work
> for ICANN for free.  Uh, no kidding.
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