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Hey Avri and All,

I just want to point out that one does not have to be the elected rep of an ALS in order to run for any leadership position.  You just need to be a member of NARAlO.  As an example, Beau wasn't the elected rep of our Unaffiliated ALS but had every right to run for and achieve Chair.  

Right now, we won't even be having an election unless someone else steps up for one of the positions.  That has always been the way we have run things and it seems ridiculous to me to run an election if there are no contestants.  So, Avri, although you aren't the elected spokesperson of your ALS you DO have every right to run for office and I encourage you to do so.

Everybody,  we have about two weeks before the closure of the "gathering of SOIs" phase is done so I would encourage all that if you are interested at all in running for office to please do so.


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Hey I though of one thing I can volunteer to do.

If we have a ballot, i volunteer to work with the leadership to help pester the leaders of the ALSes to vote.
I have done that before in other contexts and know how to pester people.


On 18 Jul 2012, at 15:18, Avri Doria wrote:

> Hi,
> I am really not making myself clear.
> 1. I appreciate the work others are doing and am glad we have those who are willing to step up.  And they seem like real good folks I can support,
> 2. No, i am not volunteering for a NARALO task at this point, though I do already volunteer for several At-Large tasks and am still learning my way around the At-LArge environment. I think 3 tasks is my limit for now.  Someday I may consider putting myself forward as a volunteer for one of the NARALO leadership tasks, but this is not my time to do so.  Then again, as I said in (1), I think we have good volunteers for the leadership roles and I feel no need to stand against any of them.
> 3. Wanting a ballot and wanting 'none of the above ' on the ballot does not mean i want to vote 'none of the above' (see above).  I just think 1 person elections are incomplete democracy and are so easy to fix. i.e, by adding 'none of the above' to the ballot.
> 4. Mostly nobody, or close to nobody, ever votes 'none of the above' and that is really cool.
>   (from personal experience of having run against 'none of the above' on several occasions,
>     it is a wonderful relief when the results include few to no such votes.)
> 5. But if anyone _had_ felt the need to vote 'none of the above', they _could_ have done so.
> And that is what matters to me.
> But I don't know if my ALS even agrees with me.
> cheers
> avri
> On 18 Jul 2012, at 14:43, John R. Levine wrote:
>>> So your argument by derision is really rather empty.
>>> I contend that often the reason people don't volunteer is  the derision machine that so many encounter when they have an idea that does not meet the approval of the cynical graybeards.
>> Actually, I was serious.  But your position that it is very important for other people to do NARALO work, but not important enough for you to do any is noted.
>> Personally, I'm amazed that anyone is willing to do a job that takes a lot of time, pays nothing, and has little visible effect.  ICANN should be more appreciative than they are.
>> R's,
>> John
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