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Kieren McCarthy kierenmccarthy at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 21:33:19 UTC 2012

This feels (yet again) like a conversation being had by the same few people.

Has anyone considered that the reason only one person is standing for each of four posts is that no one outside this small group is actually aware of the election?

Or that because there is such little effort to engage broadly that they don't see any good reason to put themselves forward?

Will you all *please* consider that you are supposed to be representing the Internet users of the whole of North America - millions of people - within a crucial Internet body.

Avri is right btw. 


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On Jul 18, 2012, at 1:31 PM, "John R. Levine" <johnl at iecc.com> wrote:

>> I guess we talk about how to fix whatever it is that happens to be 
>> broken at that point in time
> Can we assume you'll be volunteering to identify and make the fix?
> Really, there's nothing wrong with not wanting to run for NARALO or any 
> other elected position.  But you don't do that and then complain when 
> everyone else does the same thing.
> R's,
> John
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