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I agree, both Evan and Darlene are big assets.
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At the risk of being branded an interloper, a few words on the nomination
of Evan for the ALAC seat from NARALO.

Since my time in the ICANN ecosystem and with the exception of Dev, Evan
has been my most frequent collaborator.  He does a prodigious amount of
work on our behalf, is passionate about this business we're collectively
engaged in and gives it his best shot, always.

I cannot tell how many times my instincts and positions have been developed
and enhanced by his consultations and contributions.  I can attest his
leading roles in the Future Challenge and the Applicant Support

NARALO would be hard pressed to have a more effective campaigner and
representative.  And from my personal perspective, I humbly ++ Darlene's

- Carlton

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