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I 2nd this.
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Hi all,

I would like to stand for Secretariat again.  Our Rules of Procedure state:  "The Secretariat will have administrative and informative functions. It will be responsible for maintaining a working communications system and for ensuring the information flux about the issues under discussion between the NARALO participants."  This is mainly a "procedure" job but I rather enjoy doing it.

I have kept information flowing to the group and have always polled the group for decisions that might affect it as I have always believed that this should be a ground-up process and have tried to encourage feedback whenever possible.  I have always encouraged and promoted participation within the NARALO and the information flux flowing to and from the other regions.

I am an active particiant on the following WGs:
- Future Challenges
- Rules of Procedures
- Metrics

I also wrote the proposal to ICANN for our GA in Toronto with specific wording that requested that our $25K not be allocated to just 6 people but to allow us the flexibility to allocate the monies to our maximum advantage so as to bring as many people together to Toronto as possible (and we have received this approval).  I have been tasked with starting the RALO Rules of Procedure WG once the ALAC ROP WG have completed their tasks.

Thank you,


Darlene A. Thompson
CAP Administrator
N-CAP/Department of Education
P.O. Box 1000, Station 910
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Phone:  (867) 975-5631
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