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The independant members rep is elected from the independant reps.  Your rep is Alan Greenburg.  HOWEVER, that does not stop ANY ONE of your members for going for any elected membership.  For example, although I am the spokesperson for my ALS, anybody from my ALS could run for office.  This is not just me.  This is why you already have an independent person in office right now - Beau Brender.  Even though he is not your "official rep" he still has every right to run for any kind of office that he wishes as do the rest of those members.  The independent reps can choose to hold elections at any time for who they choose to represent them.  There was such an election just a few months ago but it is up to the independent reps to choose their "leaders".  Again, however, this does not limit ANY independent rep for running for any kind of elected position.  If they need anybody to facilitate this function, I can perform that function as an unopinionated third party but that is the extent of my role in this process.  The independants form a quasi-ALS and they are self-governing.

As for Eric, after the last election within the "Iindependent ALS" when Alan was elected, Eric chose to remove himself from the list.  Our Rules of Procedures state that to be a member of the "Independants" (for lack of a better expression) you must be 1) subscribed to the list (which Eric has removed himself from); 2) be a permanent resident of the NARALO region and 3) not be a contracted party.

I will help in any way I can!


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What about the Independent members rep? Is that an elective post? I notice Eric has been quiet recently.


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