[NA-Discuss] IMPORTANT - NARALO Elections

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Sat Jul 7 23:53:45 UTC 2012

Thank you, Darlene.

I wish to stand for re-election as ALAC representative for the North
American Region.

I have a very visible track record within ICANN, having served for two
years as Vice-Chair of ALAC after serving for two years as NARALO's first

I believe I have represented the region well, with a combination of
optimism and caution (dare I say cynicism) that I believe generally
reflects the conflicted view of Internet end-users towards ICANN. I believe
I have played a part in At-Large's growing confidence and respect within
ICANN, notably in improving working relationships with the ICANN Board and
Governmental Advisory Committee, as well as the production of clear,
thoughtful policy advice on a range of issues. I speak my mind when I
encounter wrongs, and attempt to make decisions that are accountable and
justified on what is best for the At-Large community. I believe in open and
constructive engagement, having created the NARALO and later the At-Large
Skype chat areas as well as creating innovative proposals for At-Large end
user outreach.

I hope I can again gain the support of the region to continue this work,
and especially to move forward the conversation on necessary ICANN reforms
being advanced by the Future Challenges Working Group which I co-founded
and co-chair. In addition I will continue my ongoing work to further embed
end-user needs and concerns into ICANN's corporate core, and to ensure that
the issues that matter to the North American region are well represented at

- Evan

On 6 July 2012 14:44, Thompson, Darlene <DThompson1 at gov.nu.ca> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Well, its "that time of year" again!
> As per our Rules of Procedures, the Secretariat is to issue a call for
> SOIs for elected positions on July 1 of each year.  I was going to do this
> on Monday's meeting but since there seems to be confusion on that matter, I
> won't allow that to cause us further delays.
> We need to elect three positions:  ALAC, Chair and Secretariat.  The
> current ALAC seat that is now coming up for election is the one that Evan
> is holding.  Evan has ran for one term and is eligible for a second, if he
> chooses to run.  The Chair and Secretariat positions are elected on a
> year-by-year basis.
> Our ROP states that we are to allow a 30 day period to collect Statements
> of Interest for these positions during the 30 day period after this
> announcement.  The deadline for accepting SOIs, therefore will be Aug. 5,
> 2012.  If you are interested in any of these positions, please send your
> SOI to the list to be gathered.  We do not have any specific format for
> such SOIs - people generally just state what position that they are
> interested in and what they might bring to the position.  It is in our ROP
> that we are to try to choose these positions by concensus but if there is
> no consensus then a vote is to be called.
> Questions?  Comments?  General discussion?  SOIs?  Bring them on!
> D
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