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Thank you for this e-mail Beau,

I realize that we all have demanding schedules but when you know you will be away, it would be good to let the region know ahead of time so that we can plan accordingly without last minute changes.  Personally, I had arranged my schedule around this meeting and will be away on business travel next Monday so that time does not suit me.  As staff has requested that the agenda be set at least one week before the date of the meeting, I encourage your efforts to include the region while preparing for your agenda.  All of us are unpaid volunteers but when we accept an elected position we accept extra responsibilities and become accountable to those who elected us to do the job that we were elected for.

I, too, believe that late afternoon is the best time of day for the meeting, considering the wide diversity of time zones that this region encompasses (including Hawaii).  If we schedule the meetings for the morning, it will become very difficult for some in the region.  If people have comments about any of the subject in these e-mails, I would encourage you to bring them forward.  Also, if anybody has any suggestions as to alternative times so as to make Beau's life a little easier, please do suggest them.  Perhaps 20:00 UTC would be better?  I encourage everybody's comments.



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I am told by Heidi the e-mail I sent around with the Monday meeting cancellation was, unfortunately, blank, as seems to happen frequently with my Earthlink e-mail. This is what was in the note. I am following it up from a different e-mail address here, to make sure it gets through to everyone:
Greetings NA-RALO.

Due to the fact the chairman will be traveling somewhere between Atlanta and New York, and that a significant number of us have only just returned from the Prague ICANN meeting, I ask your indulgence for a postponement of Monday's NARALO meeting by one week. We will meet next Monday, July 16, for the regular teleconference at a tentative time of 19:00 UTC.

I say tentative because some have expressed having a conflict at this time. If you have a conflict, please let Darlene Thompson, secretariat, know in my absence. If too many people have a conflict with this new time, we will come up with a better time for NA meetings. As it stands now, I prefer late afternoons. It would be helpful if we can find an hour that does not conflict with my children coming home from school at 3:45 pm EST, so it can't be that hour (i.e., 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. EST) on weekdays.

Thanks to those of you who sent in some agenda points. This is a great help to us as we usually do not get a lot of agenda input from the region. So please try to send us any requested agenda items TWO WEEKS BEFORE the meeting. Or send them at any time so that we can put them on the agenda for the next meeting.

Talk to you soon.


Beau Brendler

So, to be brief: I just finished a six-day productive, demanding and, yes, unpaid stint in Prague just about a week ago now, as many of us did, and I am now on vacation with my family in Atlanta, Georgia. I will be driving from Atlanta to New York on Monday, which is a somewhat recent change of plan due to circumstances involving repairs to my car. The meeting is scheduled for a time when I will be in the car, driving, and not capable of chairing a meeting.

Given that a) I am the chairman of the region; b) I don't get paid to be chairman of the region and I am not accountable to ICANN for my vacation plans, unless they involve extensions of airline ticketing and travel dates around meetings, which this does not; and c) I have some operational concerns about the region at the moment, which I have been having to deal with, unfortunately, while on vacation with my family; then I ask the region's tolerance for the request to postpone the meeting for a week. I have also received complaints from a member of the region who does not like the proposed time change, so we are attempting to address that. And thanks to the region -- I am absolutely delighted at the building of the agenda. This makes the regional meetings much more productive and worthwhile for everyone.



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    This is really short notice of cancellation and the community has already helped build the agenda.
    What's up?

    - Evan

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