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Glenn McKnight mcknight.glenn at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 19:34:30 UTC 2012

Statement of Interest

Person:  Glenn McKnight

Position:   Secretariat

In the past year I have broaden my involvement with ICANN activities
including the creation of a success NARALO Recritment Video,   NARALO
 survey,  ICANN Academy  Moodle and  dozens of short informative videos
shared with the ICANN community to be used by new members through the ICANN
Academy.  I served this year as a NARALO rep on the NOMCOM  committee which
had recently seven continuous days of dedication creating a slate of new
candidates to serve on the board and various committees.  The feedback from
fellow committee members and the ALAC chair has been positive to my
dedication to service, involvement and positive contribution to the
selection process.   Another contribution to the community is my E-Crime
Monitor Blog http://ecrimemonitor.wordpress.com/

I'm working with  ISOC  to create an ISOC Toronto chapter with the support
of many of the ISOC  Chapter members and the executive to raise the many
relevant issues in our communities

The past four years as a member of IEEE  I have been active in the IEEE
Humanitarian Technology Challenge and the IEEE Canada HIC  project
promoting reliable electricity, data connectivity and ID  records in the
poorest countries.   This has been weekly committee work and efforts with
the United Nations Foundation and a very large international group to
conceptualize, Open Source and rollout the cost effective technologies .
I was responsible for the creation of a Open Hardware license for the
 WeCare Solar  Suitcase which provides  off-the grid power for hospitals
and maternity wards in the third world as developed by Dr. Laura Satchel.

My current volunteer work with Naralo involves the Toronto Working Group
which includes a NARALO  display table at ICANN Toronto and a Special event
to honour the  Five Year's of NARALO activities.

I bring a set of organizational skills and interpersonal skills that will
help NARALO reach it's goal and my plans are to work co-operatively with
the Chair. and fellow members to raise the awareness and membership on

Glenn McKnight

Glenn McKnight
mcknight.glenn at gmail.com
skype  gmcknight
twitter gmcknight

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