[NA-Discuss] Public Comment on the .NET auto-renew, proposed contract extension for multiple technical providers

Avri Doria avri at ella.com
Wed May 11 18:56:22 UTC 2011


For anyone interested i also submitted, at the very last minute, a comment as an individual. 


Covering 3 issues:

1. The pre-determination of permissible action if Verisign is found to be in 
breach of certain subsections of the contract.

2. The blanket permission for Verisign to use Traffic Data in any manner it 
desires without any discussion of impact analysis of the effect on privacy and 
other rights.

3. The presumption of renewal


On 11 May 2011, at 14:42, Eric Brunner-Williams wrote:

> Olivier,
> Thank you for taking these steps.
> In the draft I circulated, and subsequently submitted as two comments, 
> I addressed only competition policy issues.
> There are other public interest problems present in the proposed .NET 
> agreement negotiated between ICANN Legal staff and Verisign GRS Legal 
> staff, and I don't suggest these are not also important to consider, 
> and express an advisory position upon.
> Danny Younger privately communicated another interesting issue, the 
> GNSO PDP may never have formally reached the conclusion that registry 
> agreements shall be presumptively renewed. As the .NET agreement 
> relies explicitly upon the presumption that the GNSO PDP did reach 
> such a conclusion, this too is a problem, not only for competition 
> policy reasons, but for transparency and accountability reasons.
> In addition, there are features in the proposed .NET agreement which 
> propose substantive changes which have alarmed many.
> I simply picked the competition policy as a problem upon which there 
> is a public interest position.
> The comments I submitted are available at:
> http://forum.icann.org/lists/net-agreement-renewal/msg00009.html
> and
> http://forum.icann.org/lists/net-agreement-renewal/msg00010.html
> Eric
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