[NA-Discuss] Requirements for NARALO individual membership and related motion (Beau, 10 min)

Beau Brendler beaubrendler at earthlink.net
Fri May 6 23:50:18 UTC 2011

Actually, I believe that's a leftover agenda item from the last meeting. I probably won't get around to updating the agenda until Monday AM now, as the meeting apparently was accidentally deleted from ICANN staff's calendars and as a result I had not paid attention to the agenda until today. Unless there is something you want brought up, I probably won't put it on there.

When it was discussed, the general drift was to leave the individual membership requirements more or less alone, though I don't believe the issue was resolved as to creating more specificity for eligibility (i.e., indy members should be in a non-profit or non-commercial capacity). I'm the one who put the agenda item on there, out of concern for the pre-GAC scorecard kibitzing we were getting on the NA list from contracted parties. But that seems to have passed us, in both time and passion. And I understand that people generally want to err on the side of inclusiveness rather than exclusiveness.

Anyway, my opinion on that whole thing has evolved to basically this: I trust the individual membership representative, Eric B-W, to alert us to any concerns going forward.

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>I see that the upcoming NARALO agenda has this item on it.  Which individual membership requirements are being re-evaluated and what is the motion that will be up for discussion?

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