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Thompson, Darlene DThompson1 at GOV.NU.CA
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I would like to move that Beau be our respresentative.


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Please pardon the crossover if you are on this list and not interested in the consumer constituency. A bunch of folks on NA are, though, and time is short, so:

If you have been an interested part of the consumer constituency discussions, we have been asked (along with all other constituencies) to volunteer one person for the GNSO's Standing Committee on Improvement Implementation (SCI). You would be representing the proposed (candidate) consumer constituency.

More information at:

http://gnso.icann.org/resolutions/#201104> motion 20110407-1

Please let me know right away if you are interested.


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>> The surcharge for static v4 addresses causes access network
>> subscribers to purchase a second, frequently virtualized, "computer"
>> through a "web hosting" provider, a duplicated cost where the access
>> network is "always on" (aka "broadband"). There is reasonable
>> correlation between domain registrations (ppc registrations ignored)
>> and stable content and broadband as the access network of the registrants.
>I don't think that the difficulty of getting a static v4 address for your
>home connection has much to do with the popularity of web hosting.  My DSL
>has a static address (a real one, permanently assigned by the ISP) but I
>host my web sites elsewhere for reasons of bandwidth, stability, and not
>wanting to run noisy servers 24/7 in my office like I did back when I had
>a T1.
>Also, it's not at all obviousr to me that even for people who do want to
>run servers, what they would have to do with a consumer constituency.  The
>vast majority of people I know have no interest in a 2LD.  If they want to
>host something, they do so at Facebook or Blogspot or Flickr.
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