[NA-Discuss] Update on Consumer Constituency Charter Changes

John R. Levine johnl at iecc.com
Fri May 6 20:40:54 UTC 2011

> The surcharge for static v4 addresses causes access network
> subscribers to purchase a second, frequently virtualized, "computer"
> through a "web hosting" provider, a duplicated cost where the access
> network is "always on" (aka "broadband"). There is reasonable
> correlation between domain registrations (ppc registrations ignored)
> and stable content and broadband as the access network of the registrants.

I don't think that the difficulty of getting a static v4 address for your 
home connection has much to do with the popularity of web hosting.  My DSL 
has a static address (a real one, permanently assigned by the ISP) but I 
host my web sites elsewhere for reasons of bandwidth, stability, and not 
wanting to run noisy servers 24/7 in my office like I did back when I had 
a T1.

Also, it's not at all obviousr to me that even for people who do want to 
run servers, what they would have to do with a consumer constituency.  The 
vast majority of people I know have no interest in a 2LD.  If they want to 
host something, they do so at Facebook or Blogspot or Flickr.


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