[NA-Discuss] GAC Scorecard Comments due by 25 March

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Wed Mar 23 03:07:24 UTC 2011

Hello all,

On 21 March 2011 20:58, Heidi Ullrich <Heidi.Ullrich at icann.org> wrote:

> Evan has created a Draft Response to 2011 GAC gTLD Scorecard wiki page to
> develop the ALAC response to the GAC Scorecard (see:
> https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/Draft+Response+to+2011+GAC+gTLD+Scorecard
> ).
Indeed, I have already started filling in a proposed response in the
above-mentioned workspace (under "Thematic Response") and I welcome input.
So far what I have written has been based on existing ALAC points of view
(as stated in previous written comments), very welcome input on trademark
issues from Alan Greenberg (who was part of the STI working group), as well
as discussions I have had with many members of At-Large over the past months
and years.

(Note: Alan submitted a separate proposal, but I have incorporated it into
my own as well).
I have also incorporated the comments of Gordon C., found at the bottom of
that URL, as well as Danny's reference (in an earlier email) to an apropos
quote from Larry Strickland given at the recent ICANN meeting. So right now
all the input I have had to work with has come from within NARALO.

As you can see there is still much to be done and not much time. All input
is welcome, so keep it up!

- Evan

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