[NA-Discuss] Call for comments on NTIA NOI for the IANA functions - deadline 23 March

Eric Brunner-Williams ebw at abenaki.wabanaki.net
Tue Mar 22 21:25:35 UTC 2011


Thanks for the reminder. I can't find the earlier draft that I set 
aside so this is from memory.

1. The set of functions exercised by the IANA ("the IANA function") 
may be safely separated into those which relate to protocol 
assignment, those which relate to iso3166 delegations, those which 
relate to ICANN registry agreements (contracts), and those which 
relate to zone file management.

There is no inherent necessity for the protocol assignment function to 
be contained in a single common contractual basket. Changes in the 
support for the IAB, as well as the IESG, and the resources available 
to ISOC, suggest that separation of the protocol assignment function 
is overdue.

There is limited utility in the 3166 delegation liaison function, or 
the contracted delegation liaison function, to be contained in a 
single common contractual basket. These are registry-specific 
functions, closely related to the respective existing ICANN liaison 
functions, structured outside of the IANA function.

The zone file management function, including key management, could be 
exercised by the NTIA, or by Verisign, as well as, or better than, by 

2. The management of assigned numbers has changed substantially from 
the point in time when the new entity was designated, and v4 
allocations have entered a scarcity regime. There is little necessity, 
and apparently no utility, in the Assigned Numbers function being 
contained in a single common contractual basket.

3. The operation of a root name server is not in ICANN's set of core 
competencies, it is a technical, not a contractual, function. Further, 
there is a policy requirement to diversify the current root name 
server operators. At present only the I, K, and M root servers are 
operated outside the jurisdiction of the United States. Transfer of 
the L root server to a competent operator outside of North America and 
Europe would be responsive to that operational and policy diversity of 
authority requirement.


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