[NA-Discuss] Fwd: Libya Shuts Off Internet Again: This Week in Online Tyranny

Eric Brunner-Williams ebw at abenaki.wabanaki.net
Fri Mar 11 04:19:29 UTC 2011


Rob Beckstrom's note of January 31st identified a rather limited set 
of issues in which ICANN's CEO took note, namely the expiry of a zone 
some 140 days in the future.

The ALAC statement following also identified a rather limited set of 
issues in which the ALAC were willing to find an ICANN interest.

I share neither of those views, and wrote both sets of actors at the 
time, to no observable persuasive effect, and continue to think the 
correct course of action is to document the mechanisms employed, and 
encourage those who tolerate rate limiting, incoherence, and 
ultimately partition to reconsider their respective roles in the 
institution presently entrusted with the technical coordination of 
unique identifiers.

The GAC model does lack a means for some application for "tibet" to 
arrive at an outcome other than non-delegated due to the opposition by 
a nation state. However, it [some role for government advice and 
consent] has managed to produce a delegated solution for Palestine, 
and for Catalan or Catalonia. The Board model has not produced 
delegations since 2004, which affects a larger class of applications.


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