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Sat Mar 5 23:00:44 UTC 2011

Hi all,

OK, I did up the mail merge on the fact sheets.  During the merge, most of the formatting was lost so I have spent most of my day today doing formatting corrections.  You can thank your lucky selves that my husband just went away on a business trip because this took hours and hours!

Where I didn't have images/logos from someone (and I don't have the software forEPS images), I went to your websites and downloaded your logos.  I hope that that was OK.  So, you need to review your fact sheet with the following eye:

1.  Did I get your logo and any other images OK?
2.  Is the formatting correct to get your point accross or was something mangled in translation?
3.  These fact sheets should be one page long.  For those of you who went over or under, do you wish to redo now?  Its totally up to you.  Any changes should be sent directly to me.
4.  For any other changes, please be very specific - I'll do my best!

DEADLINE:  End of the day Tuesday, March 8.  These need to be sent to print and if I need to make changes I need time, so the sooner you send me any changes, the better.

If I don't hear from you, I will assume that your sheet is fine.



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