[NA-Discuss] Funded Workshop Proposal

Beau Brendler beaubrendler at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 9 12:48:41 UTC 2010

I think it's an excellent proposal, well-thought out. To the list of workshop items:

•	whether the current process is amenable to gaming by registrars
•	the risks to the consumer associated with Vertical Integration
•	the possible re-emergence of the domain tasting phenomenon
•	risks associated with the current lack of articulated graduated sanctions in the current Applicant Guidebook
•	issues associated with the Independent Objector procedures
•	the lack of any policy governing domain name speculation and/or warehousing by registrars
•	front-running scenarios
•	potential issues associated with pre-registration practices

I might add: safety and stability issues potentially incurred by new "holes" in the DNS opened by new gTLD operators.

As far as funding a workshop goes, I'm afraid I have no clue what money is available. Whatever is budgeted, though, should include a substantial amount for publicity, as you will want a strong attendance for a variety of reasons.

Lastly, should the money not be available, we could take the workshop items above and fashion them into a NARALO statement we could present (whether ALAC supports it or not)

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>Dear Beau and members of the NARALO:
>As I remain troubled by the consumer issues that may arise in conjunction with the launch of an unprecedented amount of new gTLDs, I have attached a proposal for your review.
>Feedback will be highly appreciated.
>Danny Younger

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