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Garth Bruen at KnujOn gbruen at knujon.com
Wed Dec 8 18:23:35 UTC 2010


I have read through the compliance presentation from yesterday and as
you might imagine I am concerned that it does not address multiple
issues raised by myself in June 2010
(http://www.knujon.com/knujon_audit0610.pdf). As many of you are aware
we were promised a written response but never received one. 

Instead of re-hashing the previous report in its entirety, I have simply
sent 4 easily addressed items to ICANN compliance with a request for

1. Registrars with apparent or obvious Contact Address on their website:
“3.16 Registrar shall provide on its web site its accurate contact
details including a valid email and mailing address

Active Registrar, Inc. (activeregistrar.com)
COMPANA LLC (budgetnames.com)
Directi Internet Solutions Pvt. (publicdomainregistry.com)
NICCO LTD. (nicco.com)
UK2 GROUP LTD. (uk2group.com)
VOLUSION, INC. (volusion.com)
YNOT DOMAINS CORP (myorderbox.com)
ONLINENIC INC. (onlinenic.com)
*DOTALLIANCE INC (dotalliance.com): Recently claimed to be a reseller
and not a Registrar. ICANN staff confirmed they are a Registrar and are
in non-compliance with the RAA.

2. Registrars without Apparent Functioning Web-Based WHOIS: “3.3.1 At
its expense, Registrar shall provide an interactive web page and a port
43 Whois service providing free public query-based access to up-to-date
(i.e., updated at least daily) data concerning all active Registered
Names sponsored by Registrar for each TLD in which it is accredited.”

EnetRegistry, Inc. (enetregistry.net): Website does not resolve
New Great Domains, Inc.(newgreatdomains.com): No content
VocalSpace LLC (DesktopDomainer.com): “Login Screen” Only
Premium Registrations Sweden AB (premiumregistrations.com): Login screen
Alfena, LLC (alfena.com): Links to Domaintools.com – a paid WHOIS
The Planet Internet Services, Inc. (theplanet.com): Website now
redirects to SoftLayer. 
Domainz Limited (domainz.com): Returns: "Your request could not be
Autica Domain Services Inc. (autica.com): Only thin WHOIS

The following Registrars have a “Domain Look-up” service which only
reveals whether or not the domain is available, this is not a WHOIS

Add2Net Inc. (lunarpages.com)
Bottle Domains, Inc. (bottledomains.com.au)
Digitrad France (digitrad.com)
DomainSpa LLC (domainspa.com)
NetRegistry Pty Ltd. (netregistry.com)
Nominalia Internet S.L. (nominalia.com)
Sedo.com LLC (sedo.com)

We could not locate the web-based WHOIS engine for these Registrars:

Porting Access B.V. (portingxs.com) 
VentureDomains, Inc. (upc360.com)
Verelink, Inc. (verelink.com)
Hosting.com, Inc. (Hosting.com)
Zog Media, Inc. (zognames.com)

3. Registrars Not Displaying Fees and Deletion Policies: “ If
Registrar operates a website for domain name registration or renewal,
details of Registrar's deletion and auto-renewal policies must be
clearly displayed on the website.” - “ If Registrar operates
a website for domain registration or renewal, it should state, both at
the time of registration and in a clear place on its website, any fee
charged for the recovery of a domain name during the edemption Grace

1 More Name, LLC (1morename.myorderbox.com): Site Loads
password-protected control panel
Domain Services Rotterdam BV (tellus.com): Only reseller information
Premium Registrations Sweden AB (premiumregistrations.com): Policies not
posted, “member login”
UltraRPM, Inc.(metapredict.com): No conspicuous terms link
VentureDomains, Inc. (upc360.com): Policies not posted
Ynot Domains Corp. (ynotdomains.myorderbox.com): Site Loads
password-protected control panel

4. Terminated Registrars Still Selling gTLD Domains and/or Claiming

AfterGen, Inc. dba JumpingDot (jumpingdot.com)
Lead Networks Domains Pvt. Ltd. (leadnetworks.com)
Broadspire Inc. (broadspire.com) 

A detailed report with images is attached.


Garth Bruen
gbruen at knujon.com
Linkedin Group: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=1870205
Blog: http://www.circleid.com/members/3296/
Twitter: @Knujon
Shop: http://www.cafepress.com/knujon
Bookstore: http://astore.amazon.com/knujocom-20

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