[NA-Discuss] Two Years later, Dozens of Registrars Still in the Shadows

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Mon Dec 6 01:31:38 UTC 2010

I checked into the claims by Knujon and my suspicions were confirmed.
Of the registrars supposedly in breach 50% are NOT on the 2009 RAA. They are, therefore, NOT in breach, so I wonder how long we will have to wait for a corrected / updated version of this  report



Mr. Michele Neylon

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On 4 Dec 2010, at 23:14, "Carlton Samuels" <carlton.samuels at gmail.com> wrote:

> Garth:
> I commend you and KnuJon for keeping at this issue.  It is one thing to be
> the slacker in a contract.  But the fact that ICANN fails to embrace its
> duty of care to the community in ensuring that contracted parties live up to
> the terms and condition of contract remains scandalous.
> The low hanging fruit of an explanation would be ignorance of its
> commitment.  But reason and good judgment suggests that this would be a
> stretch for explanation.  Time enough for ICANN to rise to the occasion and
> do its duty.
> Carlton
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>>  1.  Two Years Later Dozens of Registrars Still in the        Shadows
>>     (Garth Bruen at KnujOn)
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>> Date: Fri, 03 Dec 2010 11:49:35 -0700
>> From: "Garth Bruen at KnujOn" <gbruen at knujon.com>
>> Subject: [NA-Discuss] Two Years Later Dozens of Registrars Still in
>>       the     Shadows
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>> Folks,
>> In June of 2008 KnujOn reported that 70 Registrars did not have a
>> business address listed in the InterNIC Registrar Directory. Only after
>> reporting a month later that little had changed did ICANN perform a mass
>> update of the directory. On further inspection we found many of the
>> newly disclosed addresses were phantom locations, false addresses, and
>> PO boxes. This lead to a push to amend the RAA and require Registrar
>> location disclosure and resulted in RAA 3.16: "Registrar shall provide
>> on its web site its accurate contact details including a valid email and
>> mailing address." However, policy without policy enforcement is useless.
>> So far ICANN compliance has failed to enforce this rule even after being
>> provided with extensive evidence in June, 2010. In fact, several
>> Registrars cited five months ago for not posting their address have been
>> allowed to renew their accreditation without complying.
>> The following Registrars still do not disclose their address on their
>> website as required in RAA 3.16 and are in continued violation: Active
>> Registrar, Inc. (activeregistrar.com), COMPANA LLC (budgetnames.com),
>> Directi Internet Solutions Pvt. (publicdomainregistry.com), DOTALLIANCE
>> INC (dotalliance.com), EVERYONES INTERNET LTD. (resellone.net), NICCO
>> LTD. (nicco.com), RESELLER SERVICES INC. (ResellServ.com), UK2 GROUP
>> LTD. (uk2group.com), VOLUSION, INC. (volusion.com), YNOT DOMAINS CORP
>> (premiumregistrations.com), AB CONNECT (hosteur.com), FUNPEAS MEDIA
>> (isregistrar.com), NEW GREAT DOMAINS (newgreatdomains.com), ONLINENIC
>> INC. (onlinenic.com), OPEN SYSTEM LTD. (turbosite.com.br), OWN IDENTITY
>> INC (ownidentity.com), PACNAMES LTD (pacnames.com), QUANTUMPAGES
>> TECHNOLOGIES (ownregistrar.com), ULTRARPM INC. (metapredict.com), WEBAIR
>> INTERNET DEVELOPMENT (webair.com), ZOG MEDIA, INC. (zognames.com),
>> NAMEHOUSE, INC. (namehouse.net). The good news is that most of the 400
>> plus unique Registrars clearly provide their address in the home page
>> footer, a CONTACT US, or ABOUT US link and several Registrars cited in
>> June have since done so. Some Registrars bury the address in legal
>> documents, while we do not consider this compliant ICANN provides no
>> clear direction on where the address should be posted.
>> OnLineNIC is particularly troubling since their purported public
>> location is an empty lot in California with their true location being in
>> China, but only privately disclosed to ICANN. OnLineNIC's own domain
>> registration has been cited multiple times by KnujOn as being false.
>> Additionally, KnujOn has discovered that nine Registrars have
>> non-functional contact email addresses posted in the InterNIC directory:
>> RU-CENTER, Best Bulk Register (also has a breach notice for failure to
>> pay fees), Dynamic Network Services, Europe Domains, Homestead Limited,
>> HTTP.NET, Namescout, Hostmaster.ca, Nameshare Inc, and Universo Online.
>> Details of the email failures along with other results will be published
>> in our supplemental report on Monday December 6th.
>> RAA 3.16 is not the only unenforced contract obligation. In fact, most
>> of the RAA is unenforced with the exception being the Cardinal Sin of
>> failing to pay ICANN fees. KnujOn will actually detail an unprecedented
>> case in which a Registrar termination was reversed after back fees were
>> paid.
>> While Registrars control the content of their websites, ICANN really is
>> to blame for the failure to enforce the RAA and the anti-transparent
>> practice of having one Registrar directory for public consumption with
>> bad information and another internal list for their use.
>> Full article:
>> http://www.circleid.com/posts/20101203_two_years_later_dozens_of_registrars_still_in_the_shadows/
>> -Garth
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