[IDN-WG] The Problem of IDNs

Satish Babu director at icfoss.in
Fri May 9 04:24:26 UTC 2014

Thanks Rinalia. These are real problems indeed, and the end user community
has yet to benefit from the IDN programme, particularly in the Asia-Pacific

We are planning a workshop at the forthcoming Delhi APrIGF around the theme
of challenges in implementing IDNs, particularly from the South Asia
perspective (as it has perhaps the highest linguistic diversity in the
world). I'd request you to share your thoughts at the APrIGF on the ways of
addressing these issues.


On Fri, May 9, 2014 at 9:39 AM, Rinalia Abdul Rahim <
rinalia.abdulrahim at gmail.com> wrote:

> Colleagues,
> This is the link to a recent APTLD Report on a survey involving ccTLDs
> regarding use of IDNs -
> http://aptld.org/system/files/survey_report_-_launch_and_use_of_idns_2014.pdf
> .
> It has statistics from the Asia Pacific and European regions.   End user
> awareness is scored lowest and there is feedback on barriers that limit
> broad adoption by end users.
> At the basic level, the problem is that IDNs are not available for use in
> email, browsers and other applications used by users.  Efforts to address
> the problem are distributed among many parties and they are
> un-coordinated.  There has been some discussions at ICANN on what needs to
> be done and the role of ICANN.
> The challenge for ICANN is that it doesn't deal with application level
> problems.  Nevertheless, the successful adoption of IDN TLDs is arguably a
> success measure for ICANN's TLD programme, so ICANN has a stake in seeing
> IDNs succeed.
> Various suggestions have been made on ICANN's role including convene
> meetings on the topic, raise awareness about the problem through
> communications channels, gather and centralize information on efforts
> underway to inform the community, and coordinate the disparate efforts of
> un-connected parties, etc.
> *If there are thoughts on what the role of ICANN should be vis-a-vis the
> role of the community to address the problem of IDN adoption (as part of
> solving the Universal Acceptance problem), please share.*
> *APRALO and APTLD: Perhaps a collaboration on way forward to enhance end
> user awareness and encourage applications developers to meet the market
> demand? *
> Best regards,
> Rinalia
> <
> http://aptld.org/system/files/survey_report_-_launch_and_use_of_idns_2014.pdf
> >
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