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Oksana Prykhodko sana.pryhod at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 08:56:56 UTC 2012

Just quick comment on IDN ccTLD operators:

I discuss this issue with Tina Dam (Evan just mentioned her), and she
gave me the link


There are 30 IDN ccTLDs in it. 16 were requested by existing ccTLD
managers. In all other cases, including Ukraine,  it is written - by
"Government entity".

I would like to stress out once again, that during Fast Track
procedure all this information was closed. Now it is open,  and a lot
of issues have to be discuss.

Is there any mechanism of verification of such information? What is
the role of ICANN, Board, GAC, ccNSO, ALAC in dispute resolutions
regarding possible conflicts between existing ccTLD managers and
"Government entity" (I use quatation marks first of all for Ukrainian

In Ukraine the problem of "confusing similarity" is of crucial
importance (all Cyrillic symbols for .укр have identical symbols in
Latin alphabet). How to deal with this problem just now?

Best regards,

2012/10/30 Evan Leibovitch <evan at telly.org>:
> I hope my intervention at the public forum on this issue was helpful. I
> recall Tina Dam from .music (and former ICANN staffer) going up to say "I
> love IDNs, *however*, people aroiund me are saying ....". I wanted to
> ensure the Board was immediately reminded of the broad support for IDN
> prioritization within At-Large.
> Not that I have been deeply involved in At-Large IDN policy, but IMO Tina's
> comment could not let sit unanswered.
> And I too support Hong's and Jean-Jacques' comments.
> - Evan
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