[IDN-WG] Long-term IDN Strategy for ICANN

Edmon Chung edmon at isoc.hk
Wed Oct 17 18:20:30 UTC 2012

Hi Everyone,

In preparation of our meeting later today, there is an agenda item on:
Long-term IDN Strategy for ICANN

Here are some points I am putting up to get the discussion started:

Internationalization as a key strategic directive
- applaud ICANN
- reiterate importance with some additional "research"
- highlight the concern that adoption will require intervention beyond market forces

Implications of IDN
- Within direct community:
	- DNS & IDN Variants
	- WHOIS & Contact information
	- Registry-Registrar Systems
- At-Large: User experience & Trust to DNS system
	- Demand from user vs. demand seen by registrars/registries
	- Supply market: technical requirements for IDN considered a cost center

ICANN's Role / Potential Role
- Policies: New gTLD Program / Budget /...
- ICANN's own internationalization: establish itself as best practice (IANA WHOIS / usage of IDNs, etc.)
- Setting agenda/principles within community
- Reaching out and collaborating with other organizations

The above is certainly not an exhaustive list but just to get the discussion started.  Talk to all of you soon at our session: http://toronto45.icann.org/node/34329


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