[IDN-WG] REMINDER / IDN WG meeting before Costa Rica / 01.03.12 @ 15:00 UTC

ICANN Atlarge-Staff staff at atlarge.icann.org
Wed Feb 29 19:40:52 UTC 2012

Dear All,

Further to the Doodle poll, this meeting is scheduled on Thursday 01 March
2012 at 15:00 UTC

For other times:

The draft agenda and dial-in details can be found on the
following page:


Adobe Connect room:

If you require a dial-out, please email staff (staff at atlarge.icann.org)
with your preferred contact number. We currently have Siva and Sala on the
dial-out list.

Thank you.


Heidi Ullrich, Silvia Vivanco, Matt Ashtiani, Gisella Gruber and Nathalie
ICANN At-Large Staff
E-mail: staff at atlarge.icann.org

>On 24/02/2012 04:05, "Edmon Chung" <edmon at isoc.hk> wrote:
>>Hi Everyone,
>>We had a brief meeting in January focused on the response to VIP.
>>As discussed in Dakar however, we would like to start to talk about
>>potentially a more proactive rather than reactive approach and consider
>>how best we can add and influence the IDN discussions at ICANN.
>>We have scheduled for a meeting in Costa Rica:
>>Monday 12th  March from 17:00 ­ 18:00
>>and would like to have a brief meeting prior to that to keep the
>>discussion going as well as to do some planning.
>>I wonder if sometime next week might work for people.
>>would like to try for a quick doodle to see if we can find a good time
>>for a conference call:
>>Hope to talk to everyone soon.
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