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Brett, there are no current submissions listed anywhere in response to the


The following missive is supplied to you all to hopefully clarify a few
points regarding what the ALAC IDN-WG and the IDNC-WG  need as input on the
matters of fast track IDN’s  and IDN ccTLDs by who and when,  as there
appears to be some minor confusion.


In relation to comments from the Internet User Community regarding the
introduction of IDN’s, there are in fact two parallel areas ALAC and its
IDN-WG are soliciting input for...


1.       And input into the Fast Track proposal issue being worked on by the
IDNC-WG, based upon a set of proposed topics:-currently in draft form, which
will be finalised based on comments *ON this list of topics*, after the Jan
16th deadline.


2.       The general topic of Introduction of IDN ccTLDs as per
http://www.icann.org/public_comment/#idn-cctld-issues with a 25th Jan



 The points Hong posted to these lists relates specifically to the first
matter and that has the deadline of Jan 16th... they are a Synopsis or list
of issues that the ccNSO-idncctld list is  (the IDNC-WG) is wishing to look
at so far... The  WG list Hong mentioned and listed below is the one that
the IDNC-WG committee uses and is subscription to nominated Member only... 


We do however actively seek input from the ALAC IDN-WG, and most
particularly the RALO’s and their ALS’s  on these topics (note again please,
this list constitutes the majority of topics {if not all of them} expected
to be in the final list) so the At-Large community can use this list as an
advance set of topics, upon which to begin their comments and replies to
(and indeed if you have any additional topics to suggest, now is the time to
let Hong and I know,  so that we can forward them to the IDNC-WG before
January 16th ... 


As Hong stated in her earlier email it is extremely important that we
collect and collate the views of the At-Large Community regarding these
topics, so  that these views (even if the view or response is “we have no
comment on this matter”) can be collated and contributed to the IDNC-WG
processes... These processes include the preparation by end of January of an
interim  report,  for the end of January and use of this list in a proactive
manner will indeed facilitate our input  on behalf of the At-Large Community
contribute to these processes and be a way of preparing for our
contributions to the  Public Comment period on this interim report which
includes:- Public workshop at ICANN meeting in New Delhi and the Meeting
IDNC WG at New Delhi meeting during February... Note please that once the
consolidated topics list is prepared by the committee after January 16th,
that will be a document which we can distribute.



The ALAC IDN-WG Chair and Hong as our IDN Liaison were asked to specifically
look at these topics and it was felt at this month’s ALAC meeting that to
better elicit reply and reaction  from the RALOs, ALS,s and the At-Large
Community, in a timely manner (via the representatives Hong and myself into
the IDNC-WG);  starting work based upon this draft list of topics was well
worthwhile... n.b. all background information on the ALAC IDN-WG and Liaison
work and reports so far, is found here
https://st.icann.org/idn-policy/index.cgi?at_large_idn_policy  including the
calls for input into the fast track processes issues work of the IDNC-WG in
Hongs December and January Reports to the ALAC) and the ALAC meeting
transcriptions and minutes also cover off our discussions as well...


 Fatimata, as the new Chair of the ALAC IDN-WG along with Hong as liaison
will also wish to work on response and formal comment  into the Public
comment process (Item 2. above) and it is that which Fatimata referenced
earlier (note the ALAC via its IDN-WG, as well as the RALO’s, ALS’s and
At-Large can also respond to this public comment process directly, if they
wish  but the IDN-WG needs to develop any statements for ALAC to consider.
And as you will have noted the ALAC IDN-WG has recently been discussing
mechanisms for a background briefing to facilitate its efforts on all its


In response to Mohamed’s email earlier today requesting ´ “Can Sheryl and
Hong as ALAC representatives in the IDNC forward the documents presented for
comments/feedback to the ALAC IDN WG, in order that  ALAC IDN WG to discuss
the issues and provide ALAC comments which will be presented to the IDNC by
our representatives.”


Please refer to some of my information provided above, and use what Hong
posting on Jan 8th  as the reference point to begin your outreach processes
from (I have included it again below) as it lists the draft list of topics
(generated by the IDNC-WG) that comments and feedback are no doubt going to
be requested on, for input into the IDNC-WG (point 1 above).

< snip from Hong’s earlier email>

On December 14, 2007, CCNSO published the IDNC working group charter
http://ccnso.icann.org/workinggroups/idnc-charter.htm . A "Topic list for
Initial Report on introduction IDN ccTLD under fast track" was circulated in
the working group list at the same time. The scope of the IDNC WG is limited
to developing feasible methods (for the introduction of a limited number of
IDN ccTLDs) that do not pre-empt the outcomes of the IDN ccPDP. A list of
topics is drafted to form the structure of discussion on the mechanisms of
fast-track implementation. Comment and input are sought on the relevance of
the topics listed and whether there are additional topics. Comments need to
be received by 16 January {back to the IDNC-WG regarding the TOPICS
LIST---CLO inserted text for explanation}. So far, comments on the chair of
the working group, working process and nature of fast track approach have
been sent to the list.


The comments may be on 2 specific mechanisms:

1. A mechanism for the selection of the IDN ccTLD string;

o What are the requirements regarding the status of the script/language in
the territory to be used in the IDN ccTLD string?
o Is there a limit to the number of scripts per territory to be used as an
IDN ccTLD under the fast track approach? Should it be limited to one (1) per
territory or some other number? 
o Who should be able to propose a string for the territory?
o Who is required to endorse a string once proposed?
o What are the criteria for such a string to be acceptable under the fast
track (for example: meaningful representation in a selected script of the
name of the territory or recognized abbreviation as listed on ISO 3166 -1)
o Will a proposed string be 'evaluated' against criteria? If so, who will
the 'evaluator' be and who will appoint them?
o Assuming a string and script are selected in accordance with proposed
criteria, should there be an objection procedure? If so, who should be
eligible to object? On what grounds? What is the 
impact of an objection (for example non-eligibility under fast track)? 

2. A mechanism to designate an IDN ccTLD manager

o Should any criteria specific to IDNs be taken into consideration for the
designation of an IDN ccTLD manager?
o Are there any specific requirements regarding the technical and
operational readiness of the eligible IDN ccTLD manager? 
o Should there be a proven track record for running a TLD operationally?
o Should the eligible entity have experience (operationally or
experimentally) with running IDN in the relevant script at the second and
/or higher levels? 
o Should adherence to the IDNA protocol and related requirements be ensured?
How should this be ensured?
o Is the registration policy of the IDN ccTLD relevant in relation to the
IDNA protocols and related requirements? If so how is adherence to such
required policy ensured? 

 <end snip from Hong’s earlier email>



And it is worthy to note in addition to what Hong included in her email on
the 8th, regarding the Fast Track work of the IDNC-WG that the following
points made in the IDNC-WG Charter

“The scope of the IDNC WG is limited to developing feasible methods (for the

introduction of a limited number of IDN ccTLDs) that do not pre-empt the

outcomes of the IDN ccPDP.

In considering feasible methods the IDNC WG should take into account and

be guided by:

• The overarching requirement to preserve the security and stability of

the DNS;

• Compliance with the IDNA protocols;

• Input and advice from the technical community in respect to the

implementation of IDNs;

• Current practices for the delegation of ccTLDs.”


I do hope this rather wordy reply from me, (OK I’m often wordy J), has
clarified a few things for everyone and will assist the ALAC IDN-WG begin
its important policy development processes, in a timely and proactive
manner, on these topics... 


I am particularly keen to also hear from each RALO Secretariat (this can go
to the IDN-WG) as well as individuals and ALS’s regarding this topic.  Let
me know if I can assist further... And do let me know if a IDN-WG call is
set up so if at all possible I can join it...





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Thanks, Nick. A briefing would be very helpful. In the short term though, I
simply need pointers to the materials that Hong referenced. If the current
submissions on the questions posted are published somewhere, where are they


Hong says the email address for the WG is ccnso-idncctld at icann.org, but I
can't seem to find the registration page or the archives of that list. Can
you share that?


If the list archives are not public, could someone who is currently
subscribed (Hong or Fatimata or Cheryl?) pass the current submissions to
this list so I can read them? 


Many thanks,



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