[IDN-WG] CCNSO IDNC WG IDN Topic List on Introduction of ccTLD under fast-track

Bret Fausett bfausett at internet.law.pro
Wed Jan 9 14:39:23 EST 2008

Thanks, Nick. A briefing would be very helpful. In the short term  
though, I simply need pointers to the materials that Hong referenced.  
If the current submissions on the questions posted are published  
somewhere, where are they published?

Hong says the email address for the WG is ccnso-idncctld at icann.org,  
but I can't seem to find the registration page or the archives of that  
list. Can you share that?

If the list archives are not public, could someone who is currently  
subscribed (Hong or Fatimata or Cheryl?) pass the current submissions  
to this list so I can read them?

Many thanks,

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