[At-Large] [Ext] Expression of appreciation and thanks for the arrangement made by ICANN for ICANN meetings

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Tue Sep 20 20:17:08 UTC 2022

This just touched a memory:

I was on the board of directors of a group having a conference in
Atlanta. Someone found me in the hall and rushed me into a meeting

A participant had died.

I don't know if ICANN has policies and procedures for this but it's
perhaps worth giving it a thought before it happens.

It wasn't a lot of fun making up procedure on the spot though all went
well enough I suppose.

Some issues are authorities to contact, immediate handling of the
deceased such as get a blanket or similar to cover, never move or
touch the body or belongings unless absolutely necessary nor let
anyone else other than appropriate authorities, "rope it off", people
will try to be "helpful", what about CPR or similar? You may not
really know the person is dead right away, I wasn't certain. Whom to
contact immediately including friends and/or family (how?), others in
the organization and conference facilities (who?), dismiss everyone
from the hall immediately?, public announcements? (people will see the
commotion), receive authorities (meet them outside? wait with the
body? who?), who signs whatever they need, take photographs?, contact
legal?, etc.

Admittedly that's off the top of my head and no doubt incomplete but
from some experience.

        -Barry Shein

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