[At-Large] Expression of appreciation and thanks for the arrangement made by ICANN for ICANN meetings

Dave Kissoondoyal dkissoondoyal at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 06:04:46 UTC 2022

Dear Goran and Maarten,

I would like to send my personal & community appreciation and thanks to 
ICANN Org and the Board for the arrangements made in relation to health 
and safety for participants in ICANN meetings..

I have had a surgical operation done after my tibia was fractured more 
than two months ago and have been accessed fit to travel by the doctors 
in Mauritius. I am at KL Conference Centre attending ICANN75.

Yesterday, my left foot was swollen and I could hardly walk as it was 
paining too much. I went to the health and safety office, setup for the 
purpose at ICANN75. I was attended by a paramedic officer named Michael 
Watson of Gaboon. I would say that I am really thrilled by the service 
provided by this gentleman. He consulted me and advised that I should be 
sent to the hospital for investigation . He called the Prince Court 
Medical Centre as well an International SOS insurance company. His 
approach was so professional that he took care of the travel from the 
conference centre to the medical centre, talked to the doctor and 
liaised with the insurance company. He even took the medicines from the 
pharmacy. While I was still at the hospital, he got another patient from 
ICANN75 and did the same follow up for him.

After the consultation, investigation and medication from the medical 
centre, the gentleman called the transport and we returned to the hotel 
at around 09:30 PM.

I was not aware that ICANN has made such an arrangement to ensure the 
health and safety of the participants until my experience of yesterday. 
This really ease the lives of participants.

Thank you very much.

With kind regards

Dave Kissoondoyal

ALAC Member

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