[At-Large] Voting seat for CEO Was: Re: ICANN75: Mandatory Funded Traveler Registration for Roberto Gaetano

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Sat Jul 30 05:30:43 UTC 2022

I've been showing people the internet going back to the 1970s which
often just involved interacting with a computer thousands of miles
away. They'd usually say two things:

1. That's amazing!

2. (After a thoughtful pause) Who is in charge of this?

That's the fly in ICANN's Achilles' heel. People assume someone is in
charge of most everything.

And if no one is in charge they will find someone who is. More or less
"even if there were no God we would have to invent one".

ICANN keeps dodging this role for what their culture generally
believes are good and noble reasons. Their loyal will boast about
their non-involvement in governance other than their relatively narrow
remit (names and numbers.)

One day they will work for whoever assumes that role.

P.S. I'm amused that the subject line involves "Mandatory Funded
Traveler Registration". I would sit in on some ICANN WGs etc which I
thought I had something to contribute to and often they'd talk about
little else but travel funding and I'd think what a waste of my time!

        -Barry Shein

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