[At-Large] ICANN75: Mandatory Funded Traveler Registration for Roberto Gaetano

Karl Auerbach karl at cavebear.com
Tue Jul 26 19:39:19 UTC 2022

I'm going to be somewhat diverging from the main topic....

On 7/26/22 8:14 AM, Marita Moll wrote:
> And so it is with ICANN. It exists -- a unique multistakeholder 
> governance system. Lots of things wrong with it. But it exists. So, 
> for those who want to, they can keep working at it, keep looking for 
> improvement, keep challenging the system.
I've long been in opposition to the "stakeholder" model of governance.  
I was horrified when I first saw it just after Jon Postel died, and 
became more horrified watching Joe Sims of Jones Day ramming it down our 
collective throats.  In the Boston Working Group proposal for "NewCo" we 
tried to mitigate some of the worst aspects.

See https://cavebear.com/archive/bwg/ for the Boston Working Group 

A lot of our BWG proposals are still quite relevant, for instance, not 
putting the President/CEO into a seat on the board of directors and 
moving some ICANN powers into the Articles of Incorporation and 
requiring exercise of those powers to be approved by more than merely 
the board (in those days that larger body could have been "the members" 
but ICANN sank that ship long ago - but it can be, and ought to be, 

My most recent piece in opposition to stakeholder based systems may be 
found here:

Democracy Versus Stakeholderism - 


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