[At-Large] info on waiver to attend ICANN74I

Marita Moll mmoll at ca.inter.net
Wed Apr 27 20:09:22 UTC 2022

Dear colleagues. If you are planning to attend ICANN74, please note that 
you will be required to sign a very broadly worded waiver that goes well 
beyond any issues related to the pandemic. You can read the waiver here: 

Several registrars have asked that this requirement be dropped 

Michele Neylon, Managing Director of Blacknight Solutions, seeking legal 
advice on behalf of himself and staff, was advised that neither he nor 
his staff should sign a waiver granting ICANN blanket exclusion of 

It is an unsettling way to begin what was looking like a new beginning 
after so many hours at virtual public meetings.  I have attended more 
public meetings in my life than I could ever count, and have never been 
asked to sign such an extensive waiver.  I would be interested to know 
if others have ever encountered this.

Marita Moll, ALAC rep. for NARALO

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