[At-Large] Ukraine, .RU, and internet governance

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Dear ALL,

unfortunately, in particular for our friends in Ukraine, war as an option for peace is back. Terrible ... but we have to face it and studying again Clausewitz. Here it is clear: The Russian Federation cannot win and achieve its goals against the overwhelming majority of States, businesses, NGOs and civil society. It is a very sad fact of live that many die due to coincidence and no general cares much about it as individual tragedies are handled with a nice procedure (in Vienna we call it: ein feuchter Händedruck mit Entschuldigung, a wet handshare with saying sorry). Ukrainians have got this "shit card" (the Germans use Arschkarte). Very sad, but that is war, chosen by Putin as a tool of politics. 

Rule of law, smart sanctions, and strongest willingness to go to justice, are our strongest threats. No concessions, no peace, ... and the option of a humanitarian intervention (á la Serbia) still living. 

International lawyers are well aware that the system of collective security sees the biggest crisis with fundamental consequences. Iif collective security is blocked,  collective self-defence is back but not in the sense of coalitions without any contact or business during conflict (like in the old world of war and peace). It is much more like the wars in the middle ages. Thus, indifferent sanctions do not work.  Russia is not the Putin Government, and States have many faces. 

The Russian Federation is a nuclear power and prohibits others from having them. This Non-Proliferation Treaty works well besides being unfair to the Have-Nots. With the threat of Putin, the whole regime must be reconsidered. It is impossible to accept that a nuclear power can use conventional war without consequences. In this case, it is legally so clear. Ukraine was a nuclear power, disarmed, got guarantees and Putin violated this fundamental treaties on Ukrainian security. 

As ICANN and ALAC, we focus on civil society, and have to do everything to support them. One world, one internet is still the solution. Also rough states have a - maybe very small and silent - civil society considering other options of government. 
We do not do this for supporting Putin - no. We do it because the options of winning this conflict in the interest of Ukrainians are bigger. 

Best, Erich  

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The majority of our At-Large members continue to stand by our remit, and  support the ISOC and ICANN calls to minimise any risk to the continued use of the internet by Internet end-users universally regardless of the politics of their countries. This is not "doing nothing".

Says you.

The world will judge if what you have done constitutes anything of remit, and you will find yourselves on the wrong side of history.
I stand by what I said.

- Evan

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