[At-Large] UA asking ICANN to introduce sanctions targeting Russian Federation’s access to the Internet: nabok at thedigital.gov.ua to ICANN: "Ukraine urgently need ICANN's support"

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Tue Mar 1 23:01:00 UTC 2022

One problem is that although ICANN may have the means (basically, the
passwords, literally or metaphorically) to remove a ccTLD it's not
clear they have the authority. I would think at the very least the UN,
the maintainers of ISO3166, would have to request this. Similar for
the other requests and other authorities.

I'm not sure that the ICANN GAC representative from Ukraine has the
authority to request this except inasmuch as I suppose anyone can
request removal of a ccTLD, IP allocations, etc. But as an official
representative of their country.

How would we know if someone higher up in Ukrainian authority,
Zelensky for example, would think this a terrible idea? Perhaps for
reasons you won't think of off the top of your heads.

For example it would also potentially silence any voice of resistance
from within Russia.

Marby et al no doubt are well aware of all this and pursuing such
questions, but for discussion's sake.

Finally this is that mind's eye view of the internet.

As if there's a big red SHUT THEM OFF button and one merely has to
urge someone within reach of that button to just push it. It's endemic
to many such emotional appeals.

It's more like shutting off someone's cell phone and imagining they no
longer will be able to make any phone calls.

OTOH I do get the potential symbolic value, even if it's not
operationally perfect.

        -Barry Shein

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