[At-Large] [ccwg-internet-governance] UA asking ICANN to introduce sanctions targeting Russian Federation’s access to the Internet: nabok at thedigital.gov.ua to ICANN: "Ukraine urgently need ICANN's support"

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Tue Mar 1 19:32:22 UTC 2022

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> Please, be REAL, read Clausewitz und do not destroy important services for
> civil society like the Internet.

Pleas for unicorns and fairies are already too late.

Most of civil society inside Russia is already blocked from conventional
access to outside news of the war, replaced by a state Intranet now used to
feed state propaganda.
Economic activity? If SWIFT is blocked I wouldn't be expecting PayPal to
flow freely.
Alipay? Maybe still, but not if using Visa or Mastercard or wire transfers.

Meanwhile, this now-unidirectional flow of Internet is enabling large-scale
malware distribution and identity theft for the purpose of further
spreading said propaganda. And Russian root servers can ultimately be
manipulated for political end.

So, Mister Let's Stay Above It All -- *exactly* what "important services
for civil society" are you arguing to protect here that are not already
Keeping it theoretical while civilians are being targeted and the global
nuclear threat escalates will not support your cause.

Humanitarian law is about some civility in armed conflict. Violators must
> be punished, and the ICC will do it. Law is slow, international law in
> particular. BUT ... in the end, it will will.
> Erich

So you're saying that a post-invasion Russia would revert Ukraine back to
its pre-war pro-Western state ... because the ICC asks nicely? The very act
of war indicates a less-than-strict adherence to humanitarian law and
norms. What incentive exists to repent?

- Evan
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