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I was not involved in the Accountability Mechanisms for ICANN.  I now wish I was.  But I was not on the CCWG because (a) i did not have the proper time to commit and (b) there were many qualified people doing their best like Jonathan Zuck, Steve Delbianco, Keith Drazek, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Leon Sanchez, and so many others - Sorry if I left you all off.

And though I was part of the RySG and the GNSO Council, I believe (I hope) when there was an issue brought to me, I did my best to help address.  Again, I have always tried to be fair and at the same represent my then-clients.

It is easy to try and call me out and then dismiss me, but perhaps you can ask a question that I can respond to?  I have worked closely with many of you, and if after working with me, you believe as does Evan, then that is your prerogative of course, and I would love to know your concerns.  I will not, however, engage in a battle of name calling as that is not me nor is it productive.


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One more thing, writ much larger...

 putting aside the whole NFT question, perhaps you may want to focus on the Accountability Mechanisms

Maybe someone else in ALAC will take a bite of this, but not I. ICANN hasn't had any real public accountability in decades, dating back to when direct Board elections were eliminated.

The "Empowered Community" is a pure exercise in Orwellian doublespeak; under current frameworks the inmates are in full control of the asylum. So if the current "bad" activities indicate a gap in such self-accountability, those of us outside the bubble can be forgiven for shedding no tears.

ICANN is publicly unaccountable by design, and the domain industry of which you're a part is an architect of that design. So don't come pleading for help just because that unaccountability now works against you, in much the same way as it has worked against the public interest as long as most here can recall.

- Evan

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