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I have met you on a couple of times and I think we had a couple of conversations probably about .biz or .us or something from the Neustar days.  You have no reason to trust me (or not trust me), but those who do know me know that I say whats on my mind, I speak what I believe is the truth, and I admit my mistakes when I make them.

You point in asking about end users is a great one and it is that one I want to address.  I have thought about this long and hard over the past few months.  But here is why I care so much about this TLD and this matter.

There are two things that are most important in my life.  My family/friends are, and will always be, my number one priority and the definition of my life.  Number two is my love and passion for the arts and need to provide a means of self-expression especially for the traditionally disadvantaged or underrepresented community.  In my free time, I am an investor (and producer) of musical theater and other entertainment.  I spend most of my disposable income helping others make art, theater or music.  I have produced/invested in shows that have only been conducted in local theaters to musicals that have premiered on Broadway or the West End.  I serve on the Board of a Local Theater Called The Nextstop Theatre in Herndon, Virginia.  I am a staunch supporter of equal rights for all, whatever gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc. a person is or whatever disabilities that person has.  I have a lot of family and friends that have been subject to awful treatment, and have seriously contemplating drastic actions…but all of them could have been or have been helped by the arts, Music, Theater, etc. because it provides for them an outlet for expression, love and hope.

What does this have to do with domain names?

In my professional like, I have run registries, registrars, represented end users, brand owners, registrants, etc. in the domain name industry.  When I went out on my own, I never intended to become an owner or a central part of another registry or registrar.  I have already been there and done that.  But .hiphop for me was different.  When I met the partners and heard what they had to offer and were planning, I realized I had to be a part of it.  I cannot reveal all of our plans or information about the other partners (but I am told that will come very soon), but one of them specializes in investing in underserved communities and helping those that normally would never have access to funds get funded.  Their mission is to uplift those that have been disenfranchised and to provide opportunities for those that have never had them before.  And now they can do so with respect to something that intersects with my passions in the arts, theater and music.

Will we succeed or will this be just another TLD?  Who knows?  I wish I could read the future.  I don’t know, but I am willing to try if there is even a small chance.  Right now .hiphop is owned by a now no longer existing portfolio registry operator that has treated .hiphop no different than .tattoo or .juegos.  Now .hiphop can go to an organization that truly cares about trying to make the TLD succeed and in figuring out a way to incorporate the TLD into the traditionally disenfranchised culture.  My ownership interest is really small in Dot Hip Hop, LLC compared to that of the other partners.  But if I can be involved in this new movement, than perhaps I can do my part in trying to make this TLD better for registrants that want to use .hiphop as their means of expression.

Perhaps this is too idealistic and corny and perhaps you think I am full of it.  But I know many of you all personally and for those that know me, you know this is who I am.

And it is this part of me that feels awful for the way ICANN is treating the perspective new owners that have already passed all of the Due Diligence and technical evaluations.  The assignment is getting hung up on some poorly chosen marketing statements by the prior owner.  And in an attempt to put all that behind us we have actually BURNED/DESTROYED the NFTs in question.  We just want to run the TLD.

Thanks for reading this whole thing.


Jeff Neuman

Jeffrey J. Neuman
Founder & CEO
JJN Solutions, LLC
Jeff at JJNSolutions.com

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As I said Evan, I am an open book on this one.  If you have any questions, ask them.  But putting aside the whole NFT question, perhaps you may want to focus on the Accountability Mechanisms and ICANN’s retaliation against anyone that wants to use them.  Even if you hate the TLD i am involved with. Even if you hate NFTs or New TLDs in general.

Hate is a strong emotion, and nothing to do with ICANN has ever warranted such a level of passion. I have no questions because I don't care. I have no stake in this drama, nor do the end-users that ALAC is mandated to speak for.

Non-registrant end-users are not impacted at all. Registrant end-users are only impacted to the extent that the TLDs associated with this dispute must be stable if/when launched and that 2LDs registered under them resolve properly and have adequate protections against hijacking and abuse.

Is it right for ICANN to retaliate when one files a reconsideration request?

Obviously the dispute is important to you, but I (and end users) have no horse in this race. If you wish to add one more item to the lengthy pile of things ICANN does or has done badly, be my guest.

- Evan

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