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Dear At-Large Community,

The final issue of ccNSO newsletter for 2021 is out.

You can find updates of (s)elections for the ccNSO Council members; 
reflections of Internet governance hot topics for all regions brought by 
members of the ccNSO Internet Governance Liaison Committee (IGLC) and 
perspectives of ccNSO role with respect to DNS abuse.



ccNSO News December 2021 | Issue 35

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Draft the ccNSO Conflict of Interest Guideline

The ccNSO Council requested the ccNSO Guideline Review Committee (GRC) 
to create a ccNSO Conflict of Interest (COI) Guideline. The GRC seeks 
volunteers for a subgroup that will focus specifically on this task. 
This call for volunteers closes Friday, 14 January 2022 (23:59 UTC)

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Select the winners of the ICANN Community Excellence Award

The ccNSO Council is now looking for two (2) volunteers to serve on the 
ICANN Community Excellence Award Selection Panel on behalf of the ccNSO.

This call for volunteers closes Wednesday, 22 December 2021 (noon UTC).

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Stay informed about the work of the ccNSO

In preparation of each ccNSO Council meeting, a written update regarding 
the work by the various working groups and committees is drafted. It 
includes information about the current status, next steps and what the 
activities are about. The December edition is out now.

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Internet Governance: What are the hot topics?

wordcloud _1_.png

ICANN has five geographical regions. The members of the ccNSO Internet 
Governance Liaison Committee (IGLC) reflected on what the hot internet 
governance topics are for each of the five regions. Are there overlaps? 
Major differences?

Find out here 

Tip!Watch to the recording 
the pre-ICANN72 ccTLD News Session on this topic.

In January 2022, the IGLC will launch a call for volunteers. To learn 
more, join us on Wednesday, 19 January 2022 at 08:30 UTC for a short 
webinar, hosted by IGLC chair Pierre Bonis (.fr). This webinar is 
targeted at potential new IGLC members and those want to learn more 
about the work of the IGLC. More information will soon be posted on the 
ccNSO website.

  Help shape future sessions: for and by ccTLDs

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Pre-ICANN73 ccTLD News Sessions

Keep an eye out for the call for presentation proposals

In March 2022, the ccNSO Meetings Programme Committee (MPC) will hold 
the next edition of the virtual ccTLD News Sessions. The MPC will soon 
issue a call for presentations and is seeking speakers on a variety of 
ccTLD-related topics.

There will be two options to participate.

·     Session 1 | Wednesday, 2 March 2022, 13 UTC

·     Session 2 | Thursday, 3 March 2022, 7 UTC

Each 90-minute session has a unique agenda.

The sessions are an excellent opportunity for both experienced and new 
people to meet, share best practices, be informed about trends, and and 
discuss ccTLD-related aspects. When creating the agenda, the MPC intends 
to put a focus on contributions regarding capacity building efforts by 

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Join the MPC

More to come in January!

Do you have a finger on the pulse? What are the latest topics and trends 
ccTLD world? Do you have experience with agenda setting? The MPC needs you!

In January 2022, the MPC will launch a call for volunteers. To learn 
more, join us on Wednesday, 26 January 2022 at 13 UTC for a short 
webinar, hosted by MPC chair Barbara Povse (.si). This webinar is 
targeted at potential MPC members and those want to learn more about the 
work of the MPC. More information will soon be posted on the ccNSO website.

About the MPC

The MPC coordinates and manages the high-level schedule of the 
ccNSO-related sessions and related matters, including the ccNSO Members 
Meeting agenda at ICANN public meetings. Membership of the Committee is 
open to all ccTLD managers (whether members or non-members of the ccNSO).

  Meet the ccNSO Members


      Privacy should not be for sale

The Impact of Data Protection Legislation on ccTLDs

Angela Matlapeng is .bw Administration Staff, Vice Chairperson at AfTLD 
- the African Regional Organisation, and member of the ccNSO Internet 
Governance Liaison Committee (IGLC). Angela reflected on the impact of 
data protection legislation on ccTLDs. In her article, she focuses on 
the case of the Botswana ccTLD.

She talks about how data protection legislation creates an uneven 
playing field for registrars from different continents, and how 
essential it is to strike a balance between protecting end user personal 
data and DNS Abuse mitigation. Read the article by Angela Matlapeng here 

ccNSO Council Highlights

Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 15.21.09.png 	

The ccNSO Council had its 178th meeting on Thursday, 16 November 2021. 
The ccNSO Council will reconvene on 27 January 2022 at 12:00 UTC. 
Council meetings are open to observers. Contact the ccNSO Secretariat 
<mailto:ccnsosecretariat at icann.org>for participation details.

Highlights from recent Council discussions:

ccNSO Council elections

The ccNSO Council adopted two election reports:

  * Regular annual Council elections

In March 2022, at the conclusion of ICANN73, the 3-year term of five 
ccNSO Councillors ends. The ccNSO opened a call for nominations to fill 
those seats. For the Asia-Pacific region, 2 candidates stepped forward 
and the ccNSO members from the Asia-Pacific participated in an election. 
For the other regions only one candidate was nominated and seconded: no 
elections needed to be held in those regions. The incumbent members were 
appointed for another 3-year term: Africa: Biyi Oladipo, Asia Pacific: 
Jordan Carter, Europe: Nick Wenban-Smith, Latin America/Caribbean: Demi 
Getschko, North America: Pablo Rodriguez.

  * Special Council elections EU region

Giovanni Seppia will step down from the ccNSO Council on 31 December 
2021. The ccNSO members in the European Region selected Chris Disspain 
for the remainder of Giovanni's term (until March 2023). Chris will take 
the seat on the Council on 1 January 2022.

Read more here 

The role of the ccNSO with respect to DNS Abuse

The ccNSO Council invited the ccTLD Community to join a public workshop 
on Thursday, 18 November 2021 at 12:00 UTC. During the workshop 
Councillors and members from the ccTLD community further discussed the 
suggestions from the ICANN72 DNS Abuse Session regarding suggested 
activities the ccNSO could undertake to complement existing work by the 

During the December Council meeting, a small group of Councillors 
presented their findings from the ICANN72 session and the November 
workshop. A plan is expected to be presented to the ccTLD community in 
early 2022. The goal is to launch the ccNSO activities with respect to 
DNS abuse by ICANN73.

Revamp ICANN Learn ccNSO onboarding Course

A small team of ccTLD volunteers performed an extensive revision of the 
current ccNSO Onboarding Course (ICANN Learn identifier 150.1), 
addressing both content, accessibility, the level of engagement and 
other aspects. Thesmall team will soon finalise its recommendation to 
the ccNSO OISC and Council, for final review and adoption. The aim is 
having the course eventually translated in the various languages ICANN 
provides translations in.

New ccNSO Rules

The ccNSO Guidelines Review Committee subgroup on Rules invited the 
ccTLD Community to join a public webinar 
Thursday, 9 December 2021 at 13:00 UTC. The subgroup presented their 
latest draft of the updated ccNSO Rules, which is open for comments 
until Thursday, 23 December 2021. Based on the feedback, the Working 
Group will finalize its draft, which will be put before the ccNSO 
membership for adoption through a voting process around end February 2022.

High-level ccNSO schedule at ICANN73

The ccNSO Council will conduct its monthly meeting in March at the 
occasion of ICANN73. Moreover, it will hold a number of joint sessions, 
with GNSO, GAC, and the ccNSO-related ICANN Board members. The Tech 
Working Group is planning for Tech Day, whereas the MPC) expects to 
organise two sessions as part of the ccNSO Members’ meetings:

  * A governance session, on the New ccNSO Rules and a ccNSO Conflict of
    Interest Guideline
  * A ccNSO & DNS Abuse Session.

The MPC also organises 2 editions of the ccTLD N 
prior to ICANN73.

      Happy holidays from the ccNSO!

ICANN will be closed from 24 December through 1 January 2022.

We wish you and your family a happy and safe holiday season!

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ccnsosecretariat at icann.org 


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