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On 07/12/21 5:36 pm, Wolfgang Kleinwächter wrote:
> @ Parminder:

Sure, Wolfgang, happy to respond to your questions anytime..

> Is the Putin/Modi Summit related to the Indian Internet Shutdowns?

I have seen and heard of no connection of that kind.

In any case, nations nowadays need no external assistance to control
their respective Internets.

As for foreign alliances, if anything India is certainly bending much
more towards US led alliances, that claim some western values of
democracy, HR, etc ( all of which is of course a lot of BS, and simply
good old-fashioned geopolitics and geo- economics under new garbs -- one
significant manifestation and result of which kind of geo-politics/
geoeconomics is neo-colonisation) ..

> see;
> https://indianexpress.com/article/india/vladimir-putin-india-russia-summit-narendra-modi-7659202/
> <https://indianexpress.com/article/india/vladimir-putin-india-russia-summit-narendra-modi-7659202/>
Anything in particular you want me to comment on from this .. I found
nothing Interenty in this ..
> <https://indianexpress.com/article/india/vladimir-putin-india-russia-summit-narendra-modi-7659202/>https://internetshutdowns.in/
> <https://internetshutdowns.in/>

Yes, I know. We collaborate with this coalition, and this organization
SFLC  ..


> Wolfgang
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