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Dear all,

Please disregard this message if you're not planning to participate in the
IGF in Katowice in person and thank you for bearing with me spamming your

This is a local update on the latest COVID restrictions in Poland, active as
of tomorrow, Dec. 1st. 

In summary: at the moment of writing this, the IGF is proceeding as
originally planned, in the hybrid format; no additional restrictions have
been officially announced, you might however want to consider these latest
updates when planning your travel: 

NEW RESTRICTIONS: Due to the increasing number of COVID infections in Poland
[https://is.gd/3TiBZz] and the Omicron variant being detected in neighboring
countries, new pandemic restrictions are being implemented locally as of
Dec. 1st [source:
-i-zmienione-limity-osob in Polish ] 

*	TRAVEL BAN: From November 30 to December 13, Poland is banning
flights from high-risk countries: Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique,
Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe. 

People returning from these countries will have to undergo a 14-day
quarantine period. This obligation does not apply to fully vaccinated people
who hold the EU digital COVID certification.

*	ACCESS LIMITS: From December 1 to December 17, 2021, the limits of
people, incl. in restaurants, hotels, sports facilities, and churches have
been further increased: 

*	Gyms, clubs and fitness centers, gambling, museums, art galleries,
fairs, exhibitions, congresses, conferences, shops and shopping malls - 1
person per 15 m2 (currently 1 person per 10 m2) [JK: emphasis added, please
note the current IGF venue likely meets these new restrictions] 
*	Churches, restaurants, hotels, cinemas, theaters, operas,
philharmonics, houses and cultural centers, concerts, circus shows, swimming
pools and water parks - 50% occupancy (currently 75% of occupancy).
*	Assemblies, weddings, communions, consolations, meetings, discos -
max. 100 people (currently 150 people).

*	Extended quarantine for travelers from non-Schengen countries: From
December 1 to December 17, 2021, we are also introducing changes to the
quarantine rules for travelers from non-Schengen countries. We extend the
quarantine to 14 days. Early release from quarantine will be possible in the
case of a negative result of the PCR test, which was performed after 8 days
from the date of crossing the border. Quarantine does not apply to fully
vaccinated people who have the EU digital COVID certification. 

For latest local IGF related updates, you might want to follow the website
of the chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland who is managing the event
on the host's side: https://www.gov.pl/web/igf2021 as well as the latest
COVID updates: https://www.gov.pl/web/koronawirus [both available in
English, whereas the English language version does not seem to include all
the latest info]. I am also attaching the official infographics (in Polish),
published yesterday. 

Unofficial: I have been informed by the local hosts that those who wish to
enter the venue in Katowice will be tested or required to show an EU COVID
pass or a recent negative test result (taken no later than 48 hours prior to
being presented). Please note however that as per the current Polish law
there is no vaccine mandate in place, i.e. there is no legal basis for any
authority to require anyone to show a proof of vaccination/negative test
result. These are considered sensitive health data and can only be required
based on a valid provision of law. This might result in a situation where
some of those who want to enter the venue without presenting a test
result/COVD pass, will be able to successfully oppose such a requirement as
per the current Polish law.  There have also been recently reported cases of
a growing market for false COVID certificates, which are now being
prosecuted [in Polish:
wymi-powaznym-problemem-Kombinatorzy-nie-sa-jednak-bezkarni ] 

Thank you for reading all the way through, keep safe everyone!

All best wishes,




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