[At-Large] [Internet Policy] Seeking roll back of the IGF Leadership Panel

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Sat Nov 27 06:02:18 UTC 2021

> PS: All this talk of 'what is the alternative' is very distractive... We
> have a clear problem here, and our discussions are around that clear
> problem. An invitation to open up all the deep contestations on how global
> digital governance should actually be going forward would achieve just one
> purpose here --  cloud and bury this specific issue that we face right now.

If you come away with nothing else from this thread, it ought to be the
realization that this is not a distraction, it is core.

Perception of credible and commonly-desirable alternatives as a lesser side
issue is why, through complete fault of your own (and those who share this
lack of strategy), you will fail in this effort and get exactly what you
are fighting against.

- Evan
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