[At-Large] So sad to see you go

Maureen Hilyard maureen.hilyard at gmail.com
Fri Nov 12 19:47:45 UTC 2021

Dear Devan

Congratulations on the new job but so sad to hear that you have already
left At-Large before we even had a chance to say goodbye 😢  Moving to the
GNSO is where most of the ICANN action happens, so I guess they need all
the help they can get, and they are so lucky to get you.

But I didnt realise that the transfer would be so sudden.  It was really
lovely having you with us, even for such a short time. Im sure you learned
a lot from our great staff team in At- Large, as well as from us within
At-Large who are going to miss you.

Hope we get to a f2f meeting eventually so that we will finally be able to
meet you again, in person.  Best of luck in your new job. The staff there
are great too. It seems to be the career path for many within ICANN, after
At-Large. But dont forget us, and you have to make sure you join in on our
ICANN meeting social events.  You will always be welcome. 🙂

Best wishes
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