[At-Large] [CPWG] IDN usage from the HosterStats July 2021 legacy gTLD web usage survey

Maureen Hilyard maureen.hilyard at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 22:44:54 UTC 2021

Hi John.

Thank you for this information, especially for those of us who don't work
in the area of domain names, but who find this sort of information
interesting. It certainly gives us an idea of what people are doing with
their IDN.  I wondered if this list helps us indicate what the issues are
for IDNs when only 10.24% of them are active?  Does that mean that they
have actual operational websites? with 3.96% of these being used for sales?
What support do they need to increase the number of active sites? Is that
what the UA working group is assisting with?


On Wed, Jul 14, 2021 at 12:11 PM John McCormac via CPWG <cpwg at icann.org>

> There was some discussion on today's Zoom meeting about an upcoming IDN
> domain name webinar later this month. I ran a 1.95 million domain name
> web usage survey earlier this week. There were 21,342 IDNs in the survey
> set and 1,690 were in .COM.
>  From the preliminary data, (the data is still being processed), the
> results for the .COM IDNs are:
> 7.87% No Response
> 30.65% No site
> 10.24% Active
> 1.12% sites from other TLDs
> 1.36% In Page Redirects
> 2.9% External TLD Redirects
> 3.14% Not Found/Forbidden
> 9.05% Holding Page
> 2.54% Internal redirect
> 0.71% No content
> 1.18% Affiliate Landing pages
> 0.12% Redirect to same name in other TLD
> 10.53% PPC parking
> 1.72% Redirect
> 3.96% Sales
> 6.04% Redirect to HTTPS version of site
> 0.5% Unavailable
> 6.34% Redirect to other name in gTLD
> It is a very small sub-sample of a sample from a large gTLD. The total
> number of IDNs in the legacy gTLDs is 1,691,308 and 886,053 in .COM.
> The percentage of .COM domain names on sale is 9.71% (Approximately 15
> million out of 155 million.)
> IDNs might follow ccTLD rules due to their linguistic and geographical
> concentration and it might be better to examine their use in relevant
> ccTLDs (or new gTLDs) rather than the legacy gTLDs. The new gTLD web
> usage survey (also run this week) is next in the queue for processing
> and it has some IDN specific gTLDs which may give some more insights
> into how they are being used.
> Regards...jmcc
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