[At-Large] SIMULCAST: AfNOG Day 2021

Joly MacFie joly at punkcast.com
Mon May 31 11:56:16 UTC 2021

I will segment this into sessions when done. Vint is up next.

ISOC Live posted: "On Monday May 31 2021, at 09:00 UTC, the Africa Network
Operators Group (AfNOG) will hold AfNOG Day 2021 as part of the Africa
Internet Summit 2021 SPEAKERS Nancy Dotse, Secretariat, AfNOG Dr. Nii Narku
Quaynor, Convenor, AfNOG Dr. Dawit Bekele, Regional"

[image: livestream] <http://livestream.com/internetsociety/afnog21>On*
Monday May 31 2021*, at *09:00 UTC*, the *Africa Network Operators Group
<https://www.afnog.org/>* (AfNOG) will hold *AfNOG Day 2021
<https://afnog.org/afnog2021/afnogday.php>* as part of the *Africa Internet
Summit 2021 <https://2021.internetsummit.africa/>*

*Nancy Dotse*, Secretariat, AfNOG
*Dr. Nii Narku Quaynor*, Convenor, AfNOG
*Dr. Dawit Bekele*, Regional Vice President - Africa, Internet Society
*Dr. Philip Smith*, Senior Network Engineer, Network Startup Resource
Center (NSRC)
*Israel Bionyi Nyoh*, Communications and Outreach Manager, Internet Society
*Jody van Wyk*, Head, Telecom Infra Project Africa
*Subramanian Moonesamy*, Chairman, Board of Directors, AFRINIC
*Noah Maina*, AfNOG
*Logan Velvindron*, Infrastructure Security Engineer, AFRINIC
*Prof. Shin'ichiro Matsuo*, Research Professor, Georgetown University
*Vint Cerf*, Chief Internet evangelist, Google
*Alain Aina*, Prof. Shin'ichiro Matsuo

*LIVESTREAM http://livestream.com/internetsociety/afnog21

*AGENDA https://2021.internetsummit.africa/programme

*TWITTER #afnog2021 <https://bit.ly/3fYEOY5> #AIS21 @AfNOGWorkshops

*https://youtu.be/cy6CtSDQ2OU* <https://youtu.be/cy6CtSDQ2OU> (EN)
*https://youtu.be/29nsIzPJ1BY <https://youtu.be/29nsIzPJ1BY> *(FR)
*https://www.twitter.com/ISOC_Live/ <https://www.twitter.com/ISOC_Live/>*
*https://www.twitch.tv/isoclive <https://www.twitch.tv/isoclive>*

*https://archive.org/details/afnog21 <https://archive.org/details/afnog21>*



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