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Thu May 13 07:38:42 UTC 2021

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> Ind. users might not distinguish the Internet from Facebook
That is actually relevant to us, because that portion of the end-user base
isn't really impacted by domain names at all if their whole online world is
accessed through apps rather than domains. Yes, *we* know that Internet
addressing is being used, but these end-users are hidden from it totally. I
actually think it is valuable for ICANN to know how much of the
Internet-using public never goes near a URL.

-- but they might relate to governance and the role they think they should
> play in the governance of the Internet. Could that be a starting point?

Not sure about that.

IG is important to we who are engaged in it. But most people don't care
about being involved in the governance of their electrical grid, public
transit or air traffic control, and don't think of these things' governance
at all unless something goes wrong. Internet domains -- a small part of the
(physical, protocols, etc) infrastructure needed to connect people to the
WWW -- are no different.

It's something of a conceit among those inside the bubble (or a plea to
share the load) to assert that everyone ought to get involved. I disagree.
Everyone has lives to lead, and also has a right to expect reliable and
trustworthy public infrastructure without having to get personally involved
in its management. And some of them serve on governance boards for other
parts of common infrastructure and wonder why we don't get involved with
them. The broad objective of this project (IMO) is for ALAC to be better
informed to react and create policy input based on the needs and priorities
of those who are impacted by the DNS yet have neither the interest or
available time to get involved in ICANN. This is fairly clear in ALAC's
bylaw mandate.

- Evan
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