[At-Large] ICANN Funding Request FY22-05

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Thu May 6 00:08:18 UTC 2021

Regarding ICANN's allocation of resources in support of end-user polling by
and for ALAC

To Heidi who advanced this request
within ICANN, and to all who had a part of creating it, a heartfelt and
personal thank you.

I am extremely heartened by the allocation of funds for survey-based
research to support and drive ALAC's ongoing work. Some of you may have
seen my participation in At-Large mailing lists complaining about the lack
of such resources, and now here they are. I have no idea whether my
contributions played any role in development of this formal request of
which I was not aware, but regardless I am sincerely appreciative of the
significant effort that I know has gone into creating and advancing the

So now is the time to deliver, now that the opportunity is at hand. I have
no idea what kind of sub-group and/or what ALAC support staff will be
tasked to turn this approval into a detailed plan; I am at the service of
whatever mechanism will be used. I hope to be useful to this process and
make a positive contribution for the first time in a long time.

And, again, thank you to all involved.

Evan Leibovitch, Toronto Canada
@evanleibovitch / @el56
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