[At-Large] Some thoughts about the draft unaffiliated Individuals Mobilization Working Party Report

Dev Anand Teelucksingh devtee at gmail.com
Sun Mar 14 23:42:20 UTC 2021

I must express some concerns regarding the approaches made in the draft
Unaffiliated Individuals Mobilization Working Party Report at


At-Large wants to recruit individuals to the At-Large constituency who are
not affiliated to At-Large Structures but care about the issues pertaining
to ICANN's remit as they impact individual Internet users and to volunteer
to participate in policy determinations.

However, the proposed report makes for potential individuals to be treated
outside of the At-Large Community, as if they aren't "real" members but
“lower tier” members of a RALO. Also, based on a person's origin,
individuals are given different rights to participate and to be considered
for positions in At-Large.

The proposals in the draft final report would


   Add complexity to At-Large processes for individuals to join At-Large
   making At-Large even more confusing to outsiders (and even ICANN “insiders”
   in other AC/SOs).

   Doesn’t provide incentives for individuals to join At-Large since they
   are given wording that At-Large representatives can do certain things and
   be recognized, but as individuals, you do not have those rights and
   responsibilities of At-Large representatives.

   Makes other AC/SOs more attractive since it's easier to understand and
   easier to join.

   Removes check and balances in how individuals in At-Large are even
   recognized to participate compared to how At-Large Structures are

Consider the term “RALO individual members”.

It serves to send the message that the “RALO member” can only be involved
in RALO activities and not At-Large activities and not part of the global
At-Large Community.

A better term would be something like “At-Large Individual” which would
show that an individual is part of the At-Large Community.

Consider the process by which “RALO individual members” join :


   individual fills out a form designed by the RALO (not a common At-Large
   one) so there’s 5 forms with different wording and requirements (not
   counting translations)

   RALO will apply its own procedures for accepting or rejecting application

   RALO Leadership (RALO Chair, Vice-Chairs (if any), and Secretariat)
   informs Staff whether the RALO accepts or rejects the application.

   Staff informs applicant.

The lack of transparency contrasts with how At-Large applications by
organisations are handled. The check and balances by having the ALAC made
aware of the RALO advice towards At-Large applications is removed.

RALO leadership can make a decision on an individual without even the RALO
members themselves not being aware of an individual’s application depending
on the RALO procedures. RALO leadership could even discriminate against
individuals they perceive as threats to their leadership.

There should be a standard process by which individuals anywhere in the
world apply as At-Large individuals, similar to how organisations apply to

Kind Regards,

Dev Anand
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