[At-Large] Fwd: YouTube Streaming of ICANN 70 Sessions

Maureen Hilyard maureen.hilyard at gmail.com
Thu Mar 11 16:34:03 UTC 2021

Dear RALO Chairs and the At-Large Community

I need your help in promoting the Youtube streaming pilot, during ICANN 70.

At the behest of the ALAC, ICANN has increased the number of sessions,
during ICANN 70, that will be streamed to Youtube as well as available via
Zoom. There are a couple of key benefits to watching these high interest
sessions via Youtube. First, there’s no need to register for the ICANN
meeting. A person can simply go to the YouTube link and start watching the
session. Second, if there are a number of participants with their cameras
on, Youtube delivers the session as a single video feed rather than the
bandwidth hungry separate channels, used by Zoom. This makes it easier for
those with less bandwidth to watch the presentations. Accordingly, it might
even be beneficial for some folks to *dial* into the Zoom meeting, so they
can more easily ask questions, but watch the session on Youtube.

Turnout for the Youtube pilot during ICANN 69 was quite low because it
still required registration and we did not learn about which sessions would
be simulcast until very late. This time is different. We have both the
sessions and the public links to propagate out to the broader community!
The following are the sessions that will be made available for public

23 March: Plenary Session: Governmental Regulatory Developments and
Community Discussion


25 March: Plenary Session: Registry Voluntary Commitments: Getting it Right


25 March: ICANN Public Forum


25 March: ICANN Public Board Meeting


The two plenaries, in particular, are of great interest to a broad range of
people, interested in Internet Governance, even if they have not been
closely tracking ICANN Policy development. The first plenary, on Regulatory
Developments, speaks to the tension between a single internet for everyone
and one which is splintered, due to national regulation. The second
plenary, on Registry Voluntary Commitments, will focus on how new gTLDs
will better keep their promises to the community, regarding who can
register a domain name, including in heavily regulated areas.

Please make a point to evangelize these sessions and the accompanying
YouTube links throughout your communications channels. The IGF USA had
1,500 people participate via Youtube in 2020 so we know the interest is
there. If we are unsuccessful in promoting YouTube as an alternative method
to participate, it is likely that ICANN will not continue these efforts.
Let’s make a point to exploit this hard won resource for the individual
internet user community.

Thank you.

Maureen, Jonathan and Joanna
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