[At-Large] The DNS Abuse Institute

Karl Auerbach karl at cavebear.com
Thu Feb 18 21:58:43 UTC 2021

On the website, if you dig deep enough, they have a link to a document 
that defines what they mean by abuse.


It is essentially a list of ill thing like spam, malware, botnets, and 
phishing and the like.  In other words the "abuse" is not directly an 
aspect of DNS but rather of something that uses DNS, among other 

That same logic could also be used to tie the enumerated ills to "abuse 
of electricity" or "abuse of computers" or "abuse of IPv6".

In their list of "DNS abuses" it is Pharming that is perhaps the closest 
to DNS itself.

There is no doubt that the things are bad and deserve to be slowed, 
blocked, denied, and otherwise prevented.  And if that prevention may 
involve some changes to the way we administer DNS or operate it, or even 
how it is defined in the RFCs.

But to call these bad things "DNS Abuse" is, to my mind, rather a stretch.

And if we are to talk about these things we should very clearly 
understand whether we are talking about the name registration machinery 
via registrars and registries and provisioning protocols and whois, 
versus the actual machinery of resolving DNS names via name servers.

I would add, however, that some of this is of our own making - my 
favorite being the five minute update period between someone changing 
record at a registrar and that change appearing out there on the net.  
Much as that five minute period is really nice when I am making changes 
I am of the opinion that convenience to those of us who make updates 
should be outweighed by the public interest in avoiding threats that are 
facilitated by fast (five minute) updates to the mappings of 2nd tier 
names (e.g. names directly under the TLDs - there's not much we can do 
about rapid updates deeper in the hierarchy.)


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