[At-Large] Support Norbert Klein and his Pepper Farm, please

Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Sat Dec 19 08:42:00 UTC 2020

Great hearing from you, Izumi.
Alas I tried the page that you referenced and it did not work, because 
it is the account administrator page.

The page which you want to send people to is: 

Kindest regards,


On 19/12/2020 05:10, Izumi AIZU wrote:
> Hi, long time no see!
> Many of you may not know who I am. I was involved with the early days 
> of ICANN and At-Large, from the Asia Pacific.
> Some of you may remember Norbert Klein, an Internet pioneer based in 
> Cambodia, and active at ICANN and IGF mainly from the non-commercial 
> constituency as well as Francophony community.
> Now, at the age of 86, he is semi-retired from the Internet 
> policy/governance works, was quietly retired in the calm province of 
> Cambodian village, helping Pepper Farm business with his partner.
> Now that Covid-19 changed so many things, his farm is no exception. 
> Please help them.
> We need to reach the $10,000 target by Chrismas, if at all possible. 
> So far, we made 20%.
> https://give.asia/campaign/support-sothy-s-pepper-farm-in-cambodia/dashboard/transactions 
> <https://give.asia/campaign/support-sothy-s-pepper-farm-in-cambodia/dashboard/transactions>
> Thank you for your support and sharing this message.
> Izumi Aizu from Tokyo
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> Institute for HyperNetwork Society, Oita,
> Japan
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Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond, PhD

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