[At-Large] ALAC Ratification of the ALS Mobilization Working Party Final Report

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Thu Dec 3 02:46:14 UTC 2020

Thanks for the comment Tijani,

To be clear, the proposed Bylaw changes that were 
in the earlier version were issues discovered 
while the ALS-Mob-WP performed their duties of 
reviewing all of the documents. However, none of 
the issues discovered (an error in the intro 
paragraph of the ALAC section of the Bylaws, the 
confusing use of "certify" and "accredit" and the 
problem of the Bylaw still referring to 
individual members as an option) were actually 
related to the recommendation that the WP was making related to ALSes.

So nothing is harmed by delaying discussion of 
that section. And it is important to approve the 
ALS-related recommendation so that we can report 
to the Board that it is done (a report is 
required no later than the end of December) and 
of course start the work of implementation.

Referring to the Office of the General Counsel is 
simply a mechanism to ensure that there will not 
be any surprises down the road. There has been 
abundant time for people to comment on the 
proposals, and short of your comment that was 
based on an incorrect report version being 
posted, there have been NO negative comments on 
the intent of what was being proposed. Lastly, I 
note that it is typical in ICANN to have the 
legal team do the actual drafting of Bylaws so 
clearly they see them before the group concerned. 
Ultimately, the request to the Board to amend the 
Bylaws will have to come from the ALAC and that will ensure full support.


At 2020-12-02 06:06 AM, Tijani BEN JEMAA wrote:
>Good morning,
>I see that the ALAC is asked to ratify the ALS 
>Mobilization WP final report that contains the following:
>Proposed Bylaw Changes
>In the course of carrying out its work, the WP 
>identified a number of places where the Bylaws 
>should be modified either to align them with the 
>current embodiment of At-Large or to address changes in these recommendations.
>The proposed changes are still under discussion 
>with the Office of the General Counsel and will 
>be proposed to the ALAC at a later time. None of 
>the recommendations in this report depend on the Bylaw change proposals.
>Perhaps it’s more appropriate to wait and have 
>the the whole report (with the proposed bylaw 
>changes) submitted to the ALAC for ratification.
>As I said before, in my opinion, the office of 
>the general counsel shouldn’t be consulted 
>about changes that the ALAC didn’t already approve.
>My 2 cents.
>>Le 2 déc. 2020 à 00:58, ICANN At-Large Staff 
>><<mailto:noreply-116500 at bigpulse.com>noreply-116500 at bigpulse.com> a écrit :
>>Dear All,
>>The ALAC has been asked the following question:
>>Do you support the ratification of the ALS 
>>Mobilization Working Party Final Report (v 28 
>>November 2020)? Please view the report 
>>Please note that the ALAC ratification vote 
>>will close on Friday, 04 December 23:59 UTC.
>>Kind Regards,
>>ICANN Policy Staff in support of the At-Large Community
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